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My name is Dan Harvell, owner and primary photographer for 7:10 Studio Photography.

For as long as my memory serves, there has always been a camera to my eye. My first camera was a Kodak 110, given to me for my 9th birthday. That little camera followed me, everywhere. From my elementary school field trips to my 8th grade class trip, to my senior graduation, that Kodak 110 captured almost all of my childhood memories. In 1992, I left for college, in a small city north of Indianapolis, called Marion, Indiana. Marion was home to a pawn shop where I found my first SLR camera. That camera opened a whole new world, for me. My photography graduated from point-and-shoot quality to beautiful, professional level prints. That camera was responsible for me changing my major from Education with an emphasis on English to Communications with an emphasis on Mass Media. My love for media propelled me through my syllabus at such a rate that, eventually, I was teaching the department's advisor how to use the advanced features on some of the equipment (such as MIDI striping on a multi-track audio recorder).

I ended my studies at Indiana Wesleyan University in 1996 and somehow ended up in a career as a Network Administrator. I loved it, but after about 10 years of work in Information Technology, it occurred to me - that's not what I wanted to do! That was the day 7:10 Studio Photography was born.

7:10 Studio Photography was created with a very simple business goal - to offer creative, magazine-quality photography at a price that is fair and reasonable. When combined, my formal education, artistic eye, and technical understanding of my equipment (thanks to my decade-long Info Tech service), I have every tool necessary to reach that goal... and beyond! With each session - whether portraiture or wedding - each photo is a reflection of the personality of the person being photographed. The result is beautiful photographic art that reflects the true you!

That is how 7:10 Studio Photography came to be. What the future holds is unknown, but I'm excited to find out, as long as my camera is in reach!

This is Deidre Harvell, my wife and partner.

Deidre mainly accompanies me on wedding assignments. Her main duties include helping with equipment setup, transport, and organization. She also acts as a liason between clients and myself, ensuring that we are exactly where we need to be at the exact time we need to be there. The area in which she really shines is in suggesting additional artistic ideas. Deidre has always had a keen eye for art, even as a young child. Her preferred artistic media includes watercolor paints, colored pencils, and artistic papers. Her ability to transfer the artistic concepts she creates from paper media to photographic possibilities is simply mind-blowing, giving our already high quality photography an added dimension.

Deidre currently works as a full time Resident Aide at a local assisted living community.

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