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Standard with every 7:10 Studio Photography portrait session, you get more than just a photographer and some beautiful prints. We are here, ready to guide you every step of the way. From the initial contact to the moment you receive your prints, we are right there with you!

Session Fee (includes unlimited time, locations, and wardrobe changes, as well as a complimentary 8x10 print). $125.00
Standard Size Prints
8-wallets (1.75 x 2.5) $6.49
24-wallets (1.75 x 2.5) $15.49
48-wallets (1.75 x 2.5) $29.49
4 x 6 (Professional Photo Paper w/ Lustre Spray) $6.49
5 x 7 (Professional Photo Paper w/ Lustre Spray) $6.99
8 x 10 (Professional Photo Paper w/ Lustre Spray) $10.99
11 x 14 (Professional Photo Paper w/ Lustre Spray) $19.99
Large Size Prints
16 x 24 (Professional Photo Paper w/ Lustre Spray) $82.49
20 x 30 (Professional Photo Paper w/ Lustre Spray) $110.99

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