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Senior Portrait Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the "Senior Model Session"?

A. The Senior Model Session is simply what we call our High School Senior photo sessions. We give high school seniors the same personalized attention that we give the professional models that we photograph. This means that you get unlmiited session time, unlimited wardrobe changes, unlimited shooting locations, complete post-production image editing - all included with your session. On top of that, you also get the close attention to camera angles, poses, and lighting to make sure you look your absolute best. All of that and we have fun doing the shoot, too! Even those who do not necessarily like having their picture taken end up having a blast, during our sessions. After all, you are only a high school senior once. Your senior portraits are a huge part of your senior experience. The Senior Model Session was developed to make sure your senior photos are simply the best!

Q. I wear glasses. Should I get a frame without lenses?

A. It is recommended that you try to get a frame without lenses, as light can reflect off the lenses. However, if this is not something you can do easily, don't sweat it. We have gotten pretty good at positioning our lights in a way that minimalizes reflection off the glasses' lenses, while still providing great lighting, for the client.

Q. My favorite outfits are white, but I have heard that you should not wear white at a photoshoot. What do I do?

A. Not to worry. While it is true that many photographers warn against wearing white, because of how reflective white clothing is, we at 7:10 Studio Photography have the means to balance the reflective qualities of white clothing with portable lighting. After all, we also shoot weddings - many of which are outdoors. White is a color you see, all the time, at weddings. Because of this, we have become very, very good at photographing white clothing! So, by all means, if you like wearing white, do it!

Q. I want some sunset photos taken, during the summer, but I also want some taken, while the leaves are changing colors, in the fall. Does this mean that I have to book (and pay for) two sessions?

A. When we mean "unlimited session time", we mean it. Yes, you have to book two different sessions (one per season), but you only have to pay for one. As long as the photos from the two sessions will be used as part of your senior portrait folio, it is considered as simply an extention of your original session. Note that, when doing a split session, your package fulfillment can include a mix of photos from both sessions, but does not double the amount of prints in the package. For example, if the package you select includes 16 4x6 prints, you can get 5 prints from the first session and 11 prints from the second session - you do not get 16 4x6 prints from BOTH sessions.

Q. I don't live in the Grand Haven / Spring Lake / Ferrysburg area. Can 7:10 Studio Photography still be my senior portrait photographer?

A.You bet! We have actually photographed weddings in Connecticut and bands in California. If you want 7:10 Studio Photography to photograph your senior portraits, you got it! In fact, our travel expenses are extremely low, compared to the current, going rates. Our travel requirements are as follows:

  • Inside of a 75 mile radius - no travel fees!
  • Outside of a 75 mile radius - $.35 per mile.
  • If over 150 miles from Spring Lake, we require lodging. It doesn't have to be anything fancy! Also, for over 150 miles or outside of the state of Michigan, we require that meal expenses and tolls are reimbursed. Meal and toll receipts will be provided, for your convenience
  • If your session requires that I fly to your location, all travel expenses must be covered, by the client (flight, meals, lodging, and ground transportation). The cost of the flight tickets is due with the deposit, before the session.

Q. Do you have a "school ambassador program?

A. We do not! We feel like such programs promote unfair treatment to some clients, while treating other clients like royalty. We just can't do that with a clear conscience. Instead, we treat all of our clients like royalty, giving each and every senior that chooses our services a personalized experience. The way we see it, you came to 7:10 Studio Photography, because of our reputation of providing incredible photos and treating our clients like family. So, that is exactly what we provide for everyone! Not just for a select few "ambassadors".

Q. Will I get a DVD containing copyright-free, full-resolution digital images?

A. While we do offer this, as a product, we do not offer this as a standard feature. There is a really good reason, for this, actually. The way we see it, these DVDs end up hurting our clients, rather than helping them. While it has become a popular practise for studios to give copyright-free DVDs out, rather than prints, you - the client - end up paying twice for an unfinished product. When a studio hands you a copyright-free DVD, they charge you the same price that you would pay for a finished product. While the photographer walks away with a pocket full of your cash, you walk away with a DVD that you have to take to a photo printer (a local store, or pharmacy, for example) where you have to pay even more of your money to turn the photos on the DVD into prints. To make matters even more unfair for the client, the quality of prints that you had made fromt he DVD aren't even guaranteed by the photographer. At 7:10 Studio Photography, our packages provide finished prints, as well as a DVD packed with 1000-pixel by 1500-pixel digital images that you can share, online. Our prints are printed on Kodak Endura Professional Photo Paper, sprayed with a protective coating, and guaranteed to last for generations to come, if properly care for (photos should be kept out of direct sunlight). However, if you still want copyright-free digital images, we do offer this on your choice of DVD, or USB thumb drive (the USB thumb drive even comes in its own customized tin that is padded, so the USB thumb drive is protected from the elements).

Q.Do you have a question not listed in the FAQ?

A.No problem. Just contact us and ask!

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