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frequently asked questions

what format do you shoot?

We primarily shoot with a digital body, but can also shoot film. When we shoot film, we use kodak ektar professional film. whether shooting digital, or film, we always shoot using a 2:3 ratio that produce print sizes of: 4x6, 6x9, 8x12, 10x15, 16x24, and 20x30.

i've always heard that you should never wear white clothing to a photoshoot, especially when shooting outdoors. is this true?

many photo studios warn against wearing white, especially when shooting outdoors, as white clothing tends to "blow out" (overwhelm the digital sensor, or film, resulting in unsightly highlights and washouts) really easily. while this is true, we at 7:10 studio photography have the equipment and technical knowledge needed to balance the lighting, so you can wear your favorite outfits to your shoot, regardless the color. yes... even white!

do i get a full-resolution, full-print-rights dvd with my wedding, or portrait package?

with every session - weddings or portraits - we provide a proof dvd that contains 1500x1000 resolution digital images that you can use for sharing online, emailing, or using as your computer's wallpaper. we do not include a full-resolution, full copyright dvd with our packages. this is a decision that we decided to make with both, your interests and the interest of the studio, in mind. the way we see it, many studios are all to happy to provide full-copyright dvds instead of prints, because doing so transfers the cost of printing from the studio and places it directly onto the shoulders of the client. this means that, not only are you paying for the photographer to take the pictures, but then you're paying again to get the prints. ouch! they make it sound like a good thing, giving you full control of printing, but really, it ends up costing you more, in the long run. we also decided not to provide full-copyright dvds with our packages to help protect our interests, as well. we take great pride in the high quality photography that we provide. our photos are printed on kodak endura professional paper and protected with a spray coat that prevents fading and uv damage, ensuring that your prints last for generations. by providing a copyright-free dvd, this allows printing to be done at the local corner store where quality is not guaranteed. so, in a nutshell, by not providing a copyright-free dvd as part of the package, we are making sure you only pay once for prints that will last for generations, rather than paying twice for prints that are not necessarily designed to last.

i understand the risks, but still want a copyright-free dvd. is that something you provide?

absolutely. we want you to be aware of the downside of copyright-free dvds, but if you still wish to go that route, we do provide full-resolution, copyright-free dvds at a rate of $499.99 for just the dvd, or for $249.99 if purchased with a print package.

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

i'm not sure, but my guess would be, a lot.

what is the typical turn around time?

you will get your proof DVDs within 2 weeks of your wedding, or 1 week, if a portrait/high school senior session. your prints will arrive within 7-10 business days after your order has been placed. this is because all prints are printed at a professional print lab, off site, to ensure the absolute best quality possible. of course, during the entire process - from the shipment of the proofs to the arrival of your prints - you are kept in the loop via email updates. that way, there is absolutely no question as to where your prints are, in the entire process. we also have streamlined the process, from proofing to receiving your final order, to make your part of the transaction as simple as possible. fast, easy, and crystal clear. of course, if you DO have questions along the way, we are always available to address those questions. questions via email or voicemail are responded to within 12 hours... and 99% of the time, much faster than that!

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