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Frequently Asked Q uestions

I love your work, but was hoping to spend less than what you charge. Can we work something out?

Our prices are calculated with the following taken in consideration: the session fee (includes the photographer's time for the session, the photographer's labor (set up, posing, lighting configurations, etc.), and the photographer's expertise (including the understanding of the equipment we use, knowledge of various lighting techniques, creative license, etc.), post-processing and retouching time, and prints. In other words, our prices reflect a complete solution from the earliest planning stages to the final prints. Because of the high level of attention we give each client, our prices are firm.

To help make the payments more manageable, the amount of our packages are broken into two smaller payments: the deposit and the remaining balance, after the deposit. For weddings/events, the deposit is 30% of the price of the package you are purchasing or $300, which ever is greater. The deposit for portraiture services is $30. For weddings/events, the remainder of the balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding/event date. For portraiture services, the remaining balance is due on the date of the session. Payment of the deposit guarantees that the date and time you selected for your session will be reserved, for you.

What format do you shoot?

We use a digital SLR camera body that records images in a 2:3 ratio. Images can be cropped to fit a 4:5 ratio (such as an 8x10 print) on request. The images are recorded in RAW format at weddings and events and in RAW+JPG format for in-studio shoots. The RAW+JPG format that we use in the studio allows the client to see the unedited, straight-from-camera image on our large, 48-inch display immediately after the image is taken. This allows the client and photographer to review the images and work together to make adjustments in real time, during the session. Digital proofs are delivered to the client in .JPG format on a DVD that is compatible with any computer that has a DVD drive. If you require your proofs to be on CD media, rather than DVD, we can certainly do that!

Do I get a DVD with high-resolution, fully licensed digital images with my wedding, or portrait package?

None of our packages include a high-resolution DVD or CD. While this is a popular option in the photography industry, as of late, we feel that providing a disc of digital files falls well short of our goal of providing our clients with a finished product. As such, it requires the client to pay not once, but twice in order to get the prints they need. Let me explain:

Studios that provide only a high-resolution DVD require that you pay the photographer for his services (the session and in some cases post-production and retouching) and the DVD containing the high-resolution digital files. When you decide which images you wish to print from the high-resolution DVD, you take it to the print lab and pay the lab to create the prints from the DVD. This means that, in order to receive everything you wanted from your photo session, you had to pay twice - the photographer for his services and the print lab for the prints.

At 7:10 Studio Photography, we believe that the client deserves better. When you pay for a photographer's services, you should expect a complete product that includes the photographer's services (the session, post-production, and retouching all come standard with every package) AND the goods (prints, frames, photographic gifts, etc.). Everything is included... and you only have to pay once.

With that in mind, if you do still wish to purchase a high-resolution DVD, that is something we can provide. It does not come standard in any of our packages, but, as the next question in our FAQ explains, it is a product we offer.

I understand the risks, but still want a high-resolution DVD. Is that something you provide?

Absolutely. We want you to be aware of the downside of high-resolution DVDs, but if you still wish to go that route, we do provide full-resolution, DVDs with full printing license at a rate of $499.99 for the DVD alone, or $249.99 if purchased with a print package.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

i'm not sure, but my guess would be, a lot.

What is the typical turn around time?

You will get your proof DVDs within 4 weeks of your wedding, or 2 weeks, if a portrait/high school senior session. Your prints will arrive within 7-10 business days after your order has been placed. This is because all prints are printed at a professional lab, off site, to ensure the absolute best quality possible. Of course, during the entire process - from the shipment of the proofs to the arrival of your prints - you are kept in the loop via email updates. That way, there is absolutely no question as to where your prints are, in the entire process. We also have streamlined the process, from proofing to receiving your final order, to make your part of the transaction as simple as possible. Fast, easy, and crystal clear. Of course, if you DO have questions along the way, we are always available to address those questions. Questions via e-mail or voicemail are responded to within 12 hours... and 99% of the time, much faster than that!

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